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Photo by Zane Cochrane.

Photo by Alan Storey.

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About the Observatory

Pew Observatory is located on the campus of Berry College in Mount Berry, GA. The original construction and outfitting of the observatory was funded by a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts in 1988. The main building is a roll-off roof structure, a design commonly used for amateur observatories. Pew Observatory is used for a variety of astronomy-related events throughout the year.

Observatory Staff


Astronomy at Berry College

Berry College is home to a variety of astronomical activities, including: Please be aware that all of these events are highly weather dependent. Events may be cancelled on short notice if the skies are cloudy.

Directions to the Observatory

The observatory is located on the Mountain Campus of Berry College. The observatory buildings are on a small hill just off of the dirt road that runs between the Gunby Equine Center and the Possum Trot Church. Access to this road is controlled by a gate that is closed after 8PM, except when there is a public event at the observatory.

Click here for a PDF with detailed directions to the observatory.

Observatory Equipment

The list below details the main equipment used at the observatory. At any given time some of this equipment may be out of service for maintenance or repair work.

Berry Astrophotography

We are in the early stages of creating a program of astrophotography at Berry College. At this time we are still working on autoguiding, as well as image processing. However, we have taken some unguided images of relatively bright objects that require only short exposure times. We also got some excellent images of the 2012 Venus transit. More information and images are available on the following pages:
Todd K. Timberlake (ttimberlake@berry.edu)