Me and my family straddling the meridian line at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, UK.

Dr. Todd K. Timberlake

Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Director, Pew Observatory

Chair, Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Geology

Berry College

Contact Information

  • Address: Berry College, PO Box 5004, Mount Berry, GA 30149-5004
  • Office: SCI 338A
  • Office Phone: (706) 368-5622
  • Email:
  • FAX: (706) 238-7855

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Professional Information

My Classes

This is a list of classes that I teach at Berry College. Web pages for these courses can be found on Berry's VikingWeb System at Only students enrolled in the classes will have access to these web pages.

Research Interests

My research interests are described below. For a list of my publications and presentations (including reprints of my papers) click here.

Curricular Materials

Physics education research has shown that traditional lecture is not the most effective way to teach physics. I have moved away from traditional lecture and now use a much more active, student-centered approach. Many of the curricular materials I have developed for my courses are available for free using the links below.

My Other Web Pages

Here are links to some other work-related web pages I have created:

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