The Consumer Buying Decision Process

The consumer buying decision process looks at how consumers make buying decisions. (Kotler and Armstrong)


The consumer buying decision process is a systematic way of looking at how a consumer makes the decision to purchase a product (any product) in a product category.

Marketers need to focus on the entire buying process rather than just the purchase decision (Kotler and Armstrong).  The purchase decision is not even the first step.
This is the process that an organization uses to determine that they have a need for a new person (e.g. the decision to search for a candidate, the decision to promote a new partner, the decision to admit a new member.)
Five Step Process
Problem Recognition  (Follow link for more information)
Information Search  (Follow link for more information)
Evaluation of Alternatives  (Follow link for more information)
Purchase  (Follow link for more information)
Postpurchase Evaluation  (Follow link for more information)

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