Marketing Communication

"The number of people who are truly well spoken seems to be dwindling... It is no exaggeration to state that communicating is central to success in business, and an inability to do it well can break a job candidate, stunt career advancement, and cause serious credibility problems for both the speaker and the company."  (Post and Post)

A critical part of managing the process of marketing yourself will be the management of communications.
In the job search, marketing communications tools include carefully crafted written communications, such as resumes, cover letters, and thank you letters, and oral communications, including interviewing. 
In daily business, marketing communications tools include carefully written communications, such as business letters, often carelessly written communications, such as memos and emails, and verbal communications. 
Non verbal communications will also strongly impact professional image.

Why do you need to promote yourself?

  Remember that promotion is "the act of designing an offering and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer's mind relative to competitive offerings" (Kerin and Peterson).
  A large part of a person's professional image can be attributed to your personal marketing communication messages.
You need a distinct image in the mind of your target market, your target market might include a prospective employer, your current employer or your client.
You want a valued place in the mind of your target marketing.
You want to be perceived as different from the competition.

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