Sources and Types
of Secondary Data

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The first issue in the data collection stage is to determine whether data have already been collected (Kinnear and Taylor)


slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Internal Records and Sources
  slbl3.gif (530 bytes) "Internal secondary sources should be searched thoroughly before turning to external sources" (Kinnear and Taylor)
  slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Sales data preferably by type of customer, payment method, product line, time period, geographic location (although it is often too highly aggregated)
  slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Cost data, preferably by product.  Cost data records are often more compatible.
slbl3.gif (530 bytes) External Sources
  slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Published sources
    slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Numeric Databases, including census data, values databases consumer data,
    slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Bibliographic  Databases, Abstracts, Directories and Indexes, including Standard Industrial Classifications
    slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Government, local, state, federal and international
    slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Academic research
    slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Business, trade and industry media research, including retail data, industrial data, wholesale data, advertising data, media data, audience data
  slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Online Sources.
    slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Same as above
    slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Caution with use - there is a lack of checks on information
  slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Syndicated
    slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Syndicated data are secondary data sold by research firms (Parasuraman, Grewal, Krishnan).  This might include, scanner data, panel data, etc.
  slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Sources of Competitive Intelligence
    slbl3.gif (530 bytes) "Competitive intelligence means gathering data using legal and ethical means and turning them into valuable intelligence through careful analysis." (Parasuraman, Grewal, Krishnan)
    slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Systematically, keeping tabs on the competition

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