Define Research Objectives

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The what and why of research.

slbl3.gif (530 bytes) The value of research assumes that the research is well defined to meet a specific research objective
slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Having a well defined objective will be directly related to the relative value and usefulness of the output
slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Assumptions about current market conditions (failing to have a clear understanding of the actual situation) can drastically misguide marketing research agendas
slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Problem Definition
slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Typically more possibilities than can practically be researched peopletalking.gif (17251 bytes)
slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Secondary data and clear understanding of current marketing conditions will help narrow scope
slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Two-way communication
slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Decision Makers
slbl3.gif (530 bytes) Research Staff
slbl3.gif (530 bytes) On-going interaction

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